Edward Del Monico

Full Stack Developer

Edward Del Monico image

Hello, I'm Ed Del Monico and I like to create things that are web related and would classify myself as a full stack developer (front-end and back-end) concentrating on HTML, CSS, SCSS, Javascript and PHP. Occasionally, I utilize Go but prefer PHP for server side code. I also complete projects in React/Redux, Vue/Vuex, NuxtJS, MeteorJS and Electron.

I prefer to focus on responsive designs and development with React, Vue, Laravel, Statamic, Foundation for Sites, Foundation for Email, TailwindCSS, Bootstrap, Bulma, MaterialUI and a few others. Feel free to send an email to discuss things web related.

Additionally, I am the owner of Del Monico Web Services LLC. Feel free to contact me about our company and services.

Let me take this opportunity to thank you for stopping by and I hope you visit again very soon!