Hello, I'm Ed Del Monico

Full-stack web developer

What I can do...

Development Skills
Full Stack Development Skills

Everyone seems to think that they are an expert. However, in the world of programming, very few people are truly experts. Every knowledgeable programmer makes a personal commitment to continually learn. I have listed a few of my current skills that I feel I have achieved a professional level.

HTML5 CSS3 SCSS Javascript React Vue PHP Go MySQL PostgreSQL Firebase MongoDB GraphQL Node Laravel Statamic Meteor Development Tools
Github Activity
Private and Public Projects

Most programmers contribute to many different public and private projects besides their own. In my case, most of the contributions are in our "delmonicoweb" repository and they are private due to client privacy issues. However, I do have some moderate activity on my personal repositories. This is where I do personal projects and experiment with new technologies to demonstrate applicability. I have included a small sampling of my Github activities.